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Thank you GATHER Family!

Our First Annual Gather America Worship Conference 2023 was a huge success! We are still blown away by God's goodness among us!

In Harmony With Heaven
October 3 – 5, 2024
Orlando, FL

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Experience A Deeper Unity

The gospel went out from Israel to the nations and now has come back full circle. We wholeheartedly believe Yeshua (Jesus) has and will continue to use music to play a major role in fulfilling the Great Commission. We are persuaded that a collective voice from Israel needs to lead global assemblies that raise a Kingdom anthem together with the nations as the Day of His return approaches.

GATHER: Annual Multi-Day Worship Conferences

SHARE: International Music Outreach Events (Music festivals and outreach in developing countries).

PREPARE: Build up today's and tomorrow's generations of worshippers through our worship association.

Israel and the Nations

Gather the Nations

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About Gather The Nations

GTN is an international worship, music and outreach organization led by Joshua Aaron. We provide large-scale, collaborative worship and outreach events, including the annual Gather America Worship Conference.

GTN is on a mission to...
  • cultivate a new generation of worshippers
  • encourage music in its national expression
  • inspire unity in the global Body of Believers

Co-founded by two American-Israeli brothers including award-winning international recording artist Joshua Aaron, along with Jason Eli, speaker and branding consultant.

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We're Headed to Kenya in 2024!

In early 2023, we established our very first music school in Mlolongo Kenya! We plan to return there and grow our international outreach across Africa. Gather the Nations is headed back to this beautiful country to encourage and equip the next generation of worshippers. We'll host an outreach music event and invest in the students in one of Kenya's densest slums.

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